Create A Life That Honors Who You Are!

I knew you were an exception to the rule :)

You are in the right place if you are ready to face the reality that something needs to change if you're going to have the life you dream is possible for you. 


You know nothing changes if nothing changes.

Let me tell you a little story. 

There are 5 birds sitting on a wire. 3 decide to fly away. 

How many birds remain on the wire? 

Well if you can do some simple math you would say that 2 birds remain on the wire.



The answer is 5.  5 birds remain on the wire.


Deciding something doesn't make it magically happen.


It takes ACTION!

You need to make a decision....and take ACTION!

(Insert Date) I will open the door to my 3 month online program.

Become The Director Of Your Day

so that you can


Create A Life That Honors Who You Are.

This isn't a group program.  You get 1 on 1 personal attention from me at what ever level of engagement you choose. This program covers all aspects of life because they all bleed together much as we try to keep them separate :) The time you have to get up for work in the morning sort of dictates what you get up to the evening before...... does it not?  


There are 2 phases to this program.

During Phase One we will clarify and solidify your compelling vision for your future using a proven method of dream building (I ask the right questions). The how will come in Phase Two but for now we will concentrate on your WHY.

My coach tells a story about being on a job site.  He asked for a volunteer to carry a 50 pound sack of cement mix 10 miles down a trail like road that a vehicle couldn't get through on.  No extra pay offered.  There wasn't one volunteer because there wasn't a reason WHY anyone would want to do it.  Now let's change the scenario.  What if the 50 pound sack of cement mix was a sick little girl and at the end of the ten mile trek was the hospital.  How many do you think would volunteer now?  When the WHY is strong enough you make the HOW happen.  When you have completed Phase One your WHY will be so strong you will fly over obstacles. 

In Phase Two we will take your compelling visions and turn them into magnetic goals.  This becomes the building blocks of your personal blueprint.  Then we break these down to 15-30 minute action steps that you add to your day.  THIS stops the feeling of becoming overwhelmed and gives a greater chance of actually getting things done.  When you have completed Phase Two you will have before you a workable 5 year action blueprint.  Your WHY will pull you forward, the HOW will push you through any obstacles.

You will be able to face many of life's challenges head on because you will have a plan.  It is like carrying an umbrella when the forecast says possible rain!

The next five years are going to pass...that is inevitable.

Imagine for a moment....what could it look like if you tapped into your possibilities?

Since this is a one on one program I have to limit the number of people I can work with.  I hope you understand that I'm not superwoman lol.

The cart will officially open on (Insert Date) and will close at midnight EST on

(Insert Date).  To guarantee you get in at the level you want, I am opening up a wait list on (Insert Date).  Watch your Inbox closely for the invite and a 25% discount on listed prices.  When you purchase please send me an email to make sure I have the correct email address to send you further information.

Level 1:   I want the program but I don't need a coach   -   $297   

A self paced self study program.  Both phases will be released together.

Level 2:   A helping hand would be nice   -  $497 (30 spots)  

You are a client. Includes 3 months unlimited email support.  Phase 1 homework must be complete before Phase 2 will be released to you. (this is me keeping you accountable)

Level 3:  I want to belong to a community   -   $997  (15 spots)

3 months of private messages in a private Facebook Group.  I will hold office hours within that group so that you can send a message with your questions or concerns. The group will belong to the community but it will be moderated.  You may ask questions of the group and I may chime in with an answer too.  You are a member of the group until you decide to leave.

Level 4:  I want it all - $1497  (10 spots) 

Includes above plus 3 monthly 1 hour Facebook Audio or Video chats (which can be broken down to weekly 15 min. sessions) and a VIP  Facebook Group called Pocket Full Of Dreams Come True where you can post your BIG dream and the steps you are working on to realize it.  Maybe someone in the group can help you with your dream and maybe you can help others as well.

I don't know if and when this may be offered again or if in this format.  Please watch your email inbox closely...this time will fly by so mark your calendar for

(Insert Date) and prepare to secure your spot. 


You KNOW what level you feel drawn towards.  Let's make this happen for YOU!

If you have any questions or concerns please shoot me an email

Keep those dream bubbles floating!