Create A Life That Honors Who You Are!

Living the same day over and over again, year after year, for 75 years or more, cannot be called a life.  Especially not a life feeling joy, fulfillment and with no regrets.  Between friends with good intentions and your own critical voice, it's amazing that we give even a moment to dreaming of a larger picture for our life....

but YOU do!

It's your turn and your time!

Whatever your reasons for being here right now,


YOU are NOT alone!

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Nona Johnson



At times it may seem like you are the only one going through some tough times but we all know not everything is true just because it was on Facebook.  The picture we create of our lives on Facebook may be what we dream of but what isn't our current reality.  All the happy memes, puppy videos or the like doesn't change the frustration we may be feeling and not sharing.


Thousands of people have found themselves in your exact situation...and I may be one of them.

  • Whether you feel you are watching your life from the sidelines...being pulled by another persons agenda,

  • Or you are trying to build a better life for yourself and your family but feel overwhelmed and confused with no firm direction,

  • Or maybe you have realized that your children were your only common interest with your partner and now that they are grown you feel you are drifting apart (then each of you do the blueprint and compare and compromise).

Is any of that what you are going through?

There is a reason Dr. Phil sends some of his guests to a life coach.  A life coach is not a therapist, counsellor or consultant.  They don't give advice....they make you THINK.  If you just wanted answers to 'how to...' what ownership do you have for the results? 


A life coach is all about asking the right questions to point you in the right direction that YOU want to go.


Tony Robbins says, "the quality of ones life is determined by the quality of questions asked".  If you don't know the question that will get you there...wherever your there is...then you need a life coach.

Whether that's me or not....most people spend more time, money and energy into planning a long weekend getaway than they do into planning their life. 


Be the exception, not the rule!

Start your journey today with my FREE Remember How To Dream Blueprint.  Reawaken your dreams and start to Create A Life The Honours Who You Are!

Don't let anyone or anything burst your dream bubbles!