Alarm Clock

Time is ticking!

There is no better time than this exact minute for you to say:

  • no more sitting on the sidelines!

  • no more investing time without a return on investment!

  • no more thinking others can but I can't!

  • I am READY!

Two years ago I was declared the same thing.               What changed or me? 

                           I hit the GO button on my first beta launch to a cold audience.

looking for 10 awesome entrepreneurs that are

Feeling Excited And Ready

to make 2020 their year of success! 

This is for you if:

                                     Your revenue from your business so far is $0 - $5K.

                                     You think you have everything in place but just not sure.

                                     You are ready to change FEAR from f' everything and run

                                           to Feeling Exited And Ready!


Whether your funnel is email only or videos the process for me is the same.  I will go through your sequence as it would unfold for your customers or clients. 



From your Landing Page (opt in) to your Sales Page and even your Follow Up sequence.  You should be able to follow my progress if you are watching your metrics ;) 


When I have completed your funnel audit we will have a  recorded Zoom meeting to discuss any concerns discovered or little edits that should be made.

Save $50


After payment is made please email your Sales Funnel Sequence written out including

your landing page (opt in) link to:

Put Me In

I am working on something special just for those that are still stuck in the weeds of:

                                                        I have no idea or too many to choose from.

                                                        I am confused on where to start.

                                                        I've watched too much stuff and now I am overwhelmed.




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