If you want to replace your 9-5, have a side hustle, create multiple income streams, have a passive income or want to share your heartfelt mission, this program is for you!

In 6 weeks or less you could create all of your program's core trainings, have your marketing strategy and content ready and have a Simple, Sustainable and Satisfying Business Model.

World Class Premium Programs Aren't Written...
They Are BUILT!      One Step At a Time!

     What makes a Premium Program?  Is it Price, Quantity or something else?

I know you've watched many trainings and webinars on what's needed to have a successful online business.  They tell you all the features and benefits and the support you can expect from their products, programs or services which may not even be from them personally or be in a group format.

And then they drop the price bomb.

As a Premium Program that could be up to $5K and if it's being
taught live... Expect To Pay More!

I understand how it feels to see a product, program or service that you think is the missing piece to your online success only to realize it's not a possibility for you... because of the price. 

And what's common is they will teach you only one small piece of the puzzle.  I've seen programs for just writing a sales page that were $1K, and you need to know so much more than how to write a sales page.

Of course they break it down for you so that you can see the value in dollars of each piece they offer, which far exceeds the investment cost.  Then they throw in a multitude of bonus trainings bringing the value up even higher trying to convey it is a no-brainer to purchase. 


                                               This tactic works - that's why they use it. 

They have testimonials of their success stories but what I discovered is that success rates for completion are very low. 

With so much included in the offer the majority of clients get overwhelmed with where to start and frustrated that it isn't as simple as it was explained.

                                Then they give up! 

                       *give up on doing the program. 
                       *give up on the idea of having an online business.
and sadly sometimes even 
                       *give up on the Dream of wanting more for their life!

                                                  Don't let this be YOU!

                              So... what makes The Perfect Premium Program?

       I'm not a sage from the stage but I'm a guide at your side with the map! 

                                                 This is my promise to you. 

I have the right roadmap so that you can create and launch your own Premium Program and I offer as much support as you need for your success!

But the commitment level is all up to you! 
                                                     As it will be for your clients!

The Perfect Program (1).png

If you're not 100% committed to your dreams you will let:

  • busyness be an excuse.

  • procrastination impede your ability to move forward.

  • overwhelm and frustration discourage you.

Dry Flowers

That is the exact reason we start the
Business Activator Program with the foundation EMPOWER stage.


Empower Stage.png

             Module 1
Utilize time management systems so you will see how only 15 minute
time-frames will get YOUR goals accomplished.

            Module 2
Using a proven method you'll discover what it is that you truly want for YOUR life and why it matters. 

          Module 3
You will create a 5 year action plan for YOUR goals and visions so that when life throws you a storm you are prepared.

Once you are EMPOWERED, have crystal clarity of your DREAM and have a PLAN to work on,
everything in life becomes easier to manage. 

 Imagine being able to live the life you've dreamed about. 


  • ​Having the money to go anywhere and do what you want.

  • Making the impact for your family, friends and clients.

  • Being the person that KNOWS you are building a legacy.

But getting those results is reliant on your 100% commitment!

If you aren't already there the EMPOWER stage will walk you through the process to secure that number!

You need that commitment level when there is work involved! 

You're building a business, not a hobby and that requires work. 

That doesn't mean it has to be hard! 

Having the right roadmap and the support needed makes any journey easier.
Above the Clouds

The next stage point on my roadmap is EDUCATE. 
Gain the knowledge necessary to make the right decisions for you and your business.

             Module 4
What you've heard from
the Gurus, Experts and Industry Authorities and
what I discovered instead.

            Module 5
How to use the Gurus, Experts & Industry Authorities information for YOUR own purposes not theirs.

          Module 6
Get hyper-focused on YOUR creation so it is a world class premium program.

Educate  Stage.png

Now that you are EDUCATED, you won't be pulled by shiny object syndrome, you'll know how to do proper research and how to get that brilliant idea out of your head and onto paper.

 Imagine how you will feel waking up each morning knowing you have a plan and a purposeful direction for the day.

  • ​No more imposter syndrome!

  • No more self sabotage!

  • No more shiny object syndrome!

  • Way more smiles and confidence!

Equip  Stage.png

The last stage point on my roadmap is EQUIP. 
Unpack the right processes and systems
to complete your journey in the most efficient,
safest way possible.

             Module 7
Discover how to batch
the processes of writing, recording and editing
YOUR premium program.

            Module 8
You're ready for your Beta Launch that will give you the confidence of teaching, get feedback for development & testimonials for marketing.

          Module 9
Get the systems in place, the marketing content created and Let's Get It Launched!

Using my E³ Methodology and my P.S.Framework you have journeyed from where you were as the confused and struggling online entrepreneur to where you want to be, the Confident Program Director!

Following a proven path with a guide for support
keeps you
focused, gives you momentum and accountability which builds the confidence to accomplish YOUR vision of having a
successful online business with a

World Class Premium Program so that you can get on with living your dreams.

Picture yourself here with YOUR story of success!
You created and launched a World Class Premium Program and YOUR dreams are being fulfilled!! 

Picture You Here.png

I look forward to meeting you at the trails head
to guide you through the roadmap to success!

E³  .png

This is not a group program.  Your time starts at signup and everything is there immediately for you to go thru at your own pace. 

The VIP Program I limit to 10 members, some will just be starting while others are wrapping things up.  If there are spots open the link will be live. 

You are an intelligent, savvy person so I let you choose your level of support. 

Check out the Back To School VIP Special!!

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I want you to succeed in the most efficient, safest way and

then get on to building YOUR dreams!

If you want to take the island - you burn the boat! 

If you're looking for a refund policy before you've decided,
then you aren't as committed to YOUR dream enough to make it happen. 
As long as you are committed to YOUR dream,
I will be committed to YOUR success!

You have a choice to make.

Continue to try to make the pieces fit together by yourself
get the roadmap and support to get the job done!

Where else are you going to find a complete roadmap to create
Simple, Sustainable and Satisfying Business at these prices with the support level offered?  So don't wait!


Don't put your dreams off for 1 more minute!
Make a decision today that your future self with be grateful for!

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Payment Options 3.jpg
Country Road_edited.jpg

Why Me, Why Now and Why This Program?

They tell you that you only need to be 2 steps ahead on the journey than your prospects but then they teach you to become the expert by charging premium pricing to show your value. 

The authenticity just isn't there and you and your prospects feel that. 

I might be a few more than 2 steps ahead but I never got into this business to be famous or a millionaire so my pricing will always reflect true value and in Canadian funds to boot! 

This is not a course on how to build a course.  It is a program designed to build your first bridge.  

You know the bridge from Pain Island to the Pleasure Palace. 

So many new entrepreneurs (and some seasoned ones as well) start and stop
many things and never get one project complete. 

My P.S. Framework will walk you through the E³ Your Success Roadmap step by step so that you can focus only on what is needed and block out all the noise and hype so that you finally have an asset that you can sell...
over and over. 

Oh...did I tell you that by creating your Premium Program using my Method and Framework you will have all the pieces prebuilt for your marketing? 
Say What??  
Or that you'll discover through the process that it is a complete business model, a business in a box so to speak?

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Don't Wait Another Minute... Make A Choice... Click That Link!  Your Dreams Can't Wait!

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