When it comes to having an online presence

for your business...

Do You Call Yourself A 'Newbie'?


  • You don't have to be first to cross the finish line to be a winner...

       but you must get off the starting line.


  • You only have one chance at making a first impression....

       but don't be a perfectionist and never start. 


                    Be a person who strives for excellence but tweak along the way. 


                      Are you ready to get off the starting line?

                      Are you ready to make your best first impression?

Ready Set Go

If you have been following all the free content from all the online marketing gurus....

calling yourself a 'Newbie'


or worse,

paid for 1 or more programs and yet you still haven't left the starting line...

What is holding you back?

I'll tell you, because I was there too.


Your friends and family tell you everything looks great but they are not your

target audience nor do they understand about funnel sequencing. 

I was on a very tight budget as most new ventures are and so I thought doing

it all by myself, figuring all this shit out, was the only way I could make this happen. 


But every few days there was another free training, a free webinar, pdf or

email series that pulled me in (good marketing btw) but it kept me on the

hamster wheel of checking out the new or secret tips and tricks (which were

rarely new or secret).  Delaying me hitting the GO button again.

Can you relate?

So after 2 years of not moving forward I had had enough.  The one thing I would

have gladly put some money into was having someone take a look at my stuff

and tell me if I got it right or if it was way off the mark. 

There was no one offering this at the time but soon after some of the gurus

started offering eyes on evaluation of what they were teaching you in their

paid program. 


But they doubled the price of the program for this new 'Bonus'.  Someone from

their team would be your evaluator and not them personally....their time is

worth more than that task.  Sorry if this offends some but hey...just keeping it real.

Believe me when I tell you.....you know enough....you are enough.  You just need

to get some qualified eyes on your prize....and a kick in the batootie to get you

off the starting line and moving forward towards your vision for your business.

Decide right here....right now and say YES it is time! 

I go through 20+ sales funnels a month.  One of them could be yours. 

For those of you who may be just beginning your journey in Online Business.....
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