The opportunity to Launch Your Brilliant Idea is just around the corner!

My E³ Promise to You!
  • I will Empower you with gained CLARITY
  • I will Equip you with focused KNOWLEDGE
  • I will Encourage you while you IMPLEMENT
Your Promise to You!

Yes I need you to make yourself a promise.

  Your self-integrity depends on you to follow through!

Today is the day!

  Your future self will thank you for making you and your dreams a priority!


If you can't commit to following a framework, a structured approach to getting things done and dusted while still being customized to you and your biz.... then this is not for you! 

This is NOT a course.  This is NOT just a program with limited support. 

This is 1 - 1 pull you out of the mud coaching!

Your success path begins with building a solid foundation for your

LIFE not just your BIZ.


  • Learn how to Procrastinate On Purpose so that you free up the time to work on your priorities.

  • Your WHY is your biggest asset which keeps you motivated and moving forward.

  • Having a Plan is like carrying an umbrella when the forecast says possible rain.

It continues with applying those foundational steps to your online business.


  • Bust all those Myths you've read about, listened to and tried to see how you could make them work for you.

  • Clean your Plate so that you only have what you love on it.

  • It isn't Hocus Pocus to learn how to Focus.

The finish line is in sight.  This is where the rubber meets the road and where we will spend the last 4 weeks of the journey.

Implement - You Have To PEE

  • Plan out your Brilliant Idea.

  • Execute the Plan.

  • Evaluate the results.

I am looking forward to working with a handful of awesome,

let's get'er done beta testers. 

  • The modules will be on a platform that you will get access to. 

  • A private Facebook Group will be for questions and answers so that you can all learn from each other and to arrange a private video call if needed.  Possibly a live training or two.

  • Weekly Zoom Room Java Jams.

  • Unlimited email support.

Everything will be available to start your journey on March 9th.

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only $397 for 1 - 1 coaching!

Go me crazy!

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Even at the full price, for 1 - 1 coaching, this is a no brainer!

So...why am I doing this? 

For the past 3 years I have immersed myself in the learning process.  I watched and read everything & I mean everything the 'gurus' put out for free.  I had time and didn't have money.  Many of you have done similarly and for the same reason. 


And then I realized that I didn't want to be an 'influencer', 'guru' or 'ceo' of my company.  I love being an Entrepreneur, even more so, a Solopreneur.  So why was I wasting this time trying to implement their strategies to become that? 


Big ad budgets and paid copywriters get us thinking and feeling that if we want to be successful in this online biz process we need to do exactly what they do....but it's what they do now...not what they did when they first started out. 


So I watched with a discerning eye and came up with a proven framework for getting right with your business and your starting goals.  Then putting a strategy in place that will get you and keep you on the path of moving forward. 


You may want to be a 7 figure guru but scaling doesn't start from little or no sales.  It starts after you have systems and processes in place that consistently get you that monthly goal profits - not revenue. 


Notice how 'they' all talk about revenue? 


Enticing numbers for sure but they don't tell you that they take home less now than they did when they did it alone and for less.

Now I'm not a sage from the stage trying to ethically persuade you that I have the answer all figured out.  I am, however a guide at your side with the map.

Let's walk this journey together shall we?

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