Let's Celebrate Your Life!

A lot of people forget about their past successes as they begin to focus the attention and intention on a new dream for their life. 


"This is new to me.  How would I ever do that?  Why am I even thinking I could have that?"....and then they quit on themselves. 


Giving up before even starting.


So let me remind you of some of the biggest dreams you have already accomplished.  These you mastered all by yourself. 


  • You were months old and tired of staring at the ceiling so you learned how to roll over. 

  • You were tired of staying in the same spot so you learned how to crawl. 

  • You were tired of wearing out the knees in your onesies so you started to pull yourself up, eventually learning how to walk. 

  • Over time you became a master at walking and taught yourself how to run. 


All this before the age of 1 or 2.  Imagine for a moment if you will, what can you manifest for your life now that you have an active consciousness.


Learning and accomplishing things on your own is fantastic but sometimes it either takes too much time or the skills needed are not instinctual. 


Take learning how to ride a bike or drive a car for an example. 


Enter stage left....the mentor, the cheerleader and the accountability partner.  


  • The mentor has the skills to be intellectually transferred to you. 

  • The cheerleader encourages you to continue when you run into obstacles.... those fall on your ass moments. 

  • The accountability partner holds onto your dream when you are unable to do so, holding space for you to grow into your vision. 

These are the traits you need to look for when hiring a coach. 

Most people spend more time, energy and money planning a weekend getaway than they do on their dreams. 

Be the exception and not the rule! 

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